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bike racing is good

We believe in ice cream and unicorns and that nothing should last forever.

Take this website, for example. For the next few weeks, or however long it we decide it should last, this place will serve as the home for some talk about bike racing. But not bike racing that’s happening now. As we all know, there is no new bike racing happening now.

What there is instead, is a long storied history of races, some of which we are going to watch again as though we’ve never seen them before. And we’re going to do that together, because that’s what friends do. We do things together.

We’re going to pretend for a short while, that what’s old is, if not new again, almost as good as something new.

Check back here each week for a short preview of each race and whatever else we feel like writing. Comments are open, so you can write, too, if you’d like. Check in with the #ClassicClassics on Twitter.

You could, if you like, also host a viewing on Facebook or another platform along with us. We don’t need to own this thing — we just want our friends to be out there having some fun together, watching bike racing. That’s it. That’s the whole thing.

This here website will exist for as long as we want it to, for as long as we feel we need it. Then it might disappear — and that would be just fine. Not everything needs to last, not everything needs to be forever.

Here today. Gone tomorrow.

Words by Jen See.
Photo by Christopher See.